Friday, February 12, 2010

New Research Documents Positive Impacts of Service-Learning

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A new research brief from the American Association of Community Colleges, "Improving Student Learning Outcomes with Service Learning," reveals that students who participate in service-learning score higher on institutional learning outcomes such as critical thinking, communication, civic responsibility, academic development, and educational success. Service-learners also saw themselves as more competitive in the job market than those who did not have service-learning experience.


In addition, 85 percent of these students believed that service-learning should be practiced in more courses at their colleges, and 87 percent would encourage other students to take courses that offer service learning.


The 16-page brief summarizes the findings and implications of a three-year study at 10 colleges that participated in AACC's 2006-2009 grant program, Community Colleges Broadening Horizons through Service-Learning.  More than 2,300 students and 68 faculty across a variety of disciplines participated in end-of-course surveys and focus groups.


The entire text of the research brief may be found on AACC's website at


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