Thursday, August 26, 2010

Join the Great Califorina ShakeOut

Consider organizing your students and school's participation in the Great California ShakeOut. This event highlights ways that school communities can prepare for earthquakes. The event represents an excellent opportunity for students to participate in service-learning by studying Califorina geology, the preparedness of their families, school and neighborhoods & then helping to organize preparedness and response capacity.

The drill (October 21, 10:21 a.m.) will reach 5 million participants, thanks in large part to schools, districts, and county offices aligning their earthquake drill schedules together. Nearly 250 districts and over 500 schools (including over 220 private schools) have registered so far, with over 3.8 million students and staff participating! This raises awareness of all Californians as the drill gets extensive local, state, and national media attention due to its size and scope.

You can find ShakeOut school resources and more information at , including a letter of support from State Superintendent Jack O'Connell.

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