Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Help Mr. Frank Buckles w/ The World War One Memorial Foundation in Washington DC

See the following message for inspiration to create service-learning projects to help students study and understand WWI and its impact on US History:


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On March 6, 2008, Frank Buckles, the last surviving American veteran of World War I, visited the DC War Memorial. He called for restoration of the memorial, and for its rededication as a National and District of Columbia World War I Memorial. The World War I Memorial Foundation was formed to make Frank Buckles' dream a reality.


The mission of the Foundation is to raise funds for the restoration of the DC War Memorial, and to sponsor and secure legislation for the re-dedication of the site. HR 482 has been introduced in Congress, and the Foundation has begun raising awareness and funds to establish a true national memorial. To assist in this process we have developed the "Restore, Rededicate, & Remember Postcard Campaign". This is an extremely simple campaign for anyone of any age to effectively facilitate! We send a packet of postcards (or more if you request!) that have been professionally printed with images of the state of the current DC War Memorial. You ask friends, family, co-workers, students, customers, etc to donate a minimum of $1 for the opportunity to write their name on a postcard in support of the historic HR 482 bill. As you are collecting completed postcards, display them proudly around your school, business, home, etc! Then when your individual campaign is complete, either personally send the completed postcards to your congressmen to encourage them to support HR 482, or return the completed cards for us to send to your congressmen along with the collected donations in the self-addressed envelope we provide. It’s that simple! This is a fantastic grass roots campaign that will not only encourage our leaders to act quickly in Restoring, Rededicating, and Remembering the WWI Memorial; but it will also help us begin raising the funds necessary to make Mr. Frank Buckles dream a reality.


The Foundation has also created a professionally designed, traveling, service learning program that will be available to a limited number of schools and communities throughout the nation. This includes an extensive collection of portraits of the last surviving WWI veterans from the world and their stories. Surrounding them are era posters and artifacts to create a museum quality exhibit. The provided curriculum involves students and communities in a personal way through multiple subjects and brings this American experience to life.


Thank you so much for your time. Please contact me if you are interested in helping with the "Restore, Rededicate, & Remember Postcard Campaign" -or- if you would like additional information about bringing the historic WWI exhibit to your community!


Patriotically yours,


Patrick A. Ratliff

WWI Memorial Foundation


ps- Also, if you have a facebook, please join The World War One Memorial Foundation Fan Page. There are plenty of pictures of the exhibit and current state of the memorial on the fan page!


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