Thursday, May 20, 2010

Childhood Obesity and Service-Learning Working Group

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generationOn—formerly Children for Children, now the youth arm of the Points of Light Institute, is pleased to announce the formation of the Working Group on Service-Learning and Childhood Obesity; sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


generationOn is the largest youth-focused organization in the country dedicated to service.  As the youth and education arm of the Points of Light Institute, the resources and programs of generationOn bring together the cumulative best practices, created from more than 40 years of work in the youth and family service space.


generationOn is excited to unite a cross-sector network of leaders to focus on the area of childhood obesity prevention through service-learning.  We are inviting leaders, specifically those in the service-learning and health and wellness industry, to connect, serve, and coordinate efforts that will provide industry and community input and direction on performance and measurement-related topics that most affect urban and rural low-income communities and communities of color.


Our goals will be to (1) promote service-learning and community/parent engagement as strategies for improving the built environment and preventing childhood obesity, (2) collecting and sharing best practices in service-learning from experts in the field, and (3) building cross-sector relationships among conference attendees that can scale up best practices as they relate to service-learning strategies in childhood obesity prevention.  Topics can include but are not limited to:


  • Increasing the accessibility of affordable nutritious and unprocessed foods
  • Decreasing the saturation of fast-food restaurants
  • Increasing safe play places
  • Mandating physical activities—such as school recess  


The working group will meet and begin planning at the annual the National Conference on Volunteering and Service at the Hilton New York, June 28th-30th 2010; at a private session on Wednesday, June 30th at 10:30am, funding will support sustaining the working group activities through the year in preparation for a share out of our findings at the 2011’s conference.


I sincerely hope that you will join us in this important work to explore how service-learning impacts childhood obesity prevention and helps to create a healthier America.  I also welcome you to forward this invitation through your networks and to those you believe should be involved.


To confirm your participation, or if you have any questions or concerns, please respond as soon as you are able; I am looking forward to our working together.





Shammara Wright

Senior Manager, After-School Programs 


Children for Children

6 East 43rd Street, 25th Floor

New York, NY   10017

Tel: 212-850-4140 | Fax: 212-850-4180




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