Friday, May 28, 2010

FW: Action Now+Network - social justice information portal launched

Action Now+Network is a new social justice information portal, the goals of which are twofold:


1) to inspire and motivate people to become involved in social justice, to learn about the issues and to find a social justice passion, and

2) to offer a central place from which to connect with all the wonderful organizations that have a social justice mission, and from which to make contact with them for involvement in some way.


There are two ways in which Action Now+Network will be relevant to schools in search of service learning opportunities or schools which are already involved with service learning programs.


First, upon entering the site (, the user will see a Take Action Now index. This index contains profiles on organizations, organized within twelve social justice categories. New organizations are added all the time, with the expectation that each social justice cell eventually will be filled with profiles. A keyword search for service learning (must be registered and logged in to use the search function), immediately identifies those organizations with a service learning component.


There is also a virtual library on the site, which contains articles on social justice issues within the same twelve social justice categories; all articles link back to original sources, which themselves, often offer a wealth of information about related subject matter. Serious authors of original articles (students and others) are invited to submit material to the library as well, which, if accepted for the library, can be viewed by anyone entering the site to research the issues.


Ideally, Action Now+Network will be a great resource for anyone involved in service learning, with a research interest in social justice issues of any kind.


I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the site, or any information contained within it.


Warm regards,


Sheila Wasserman

Action Now+Network


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