Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FW: Education Week at United We Serve

Last week President Obama's United We Serve initiative kicked off a series of issue weeks that will shine the spotlight on Americans who are joining with their neighbors to tackle tough challenges through volunteer service. The first highlight was on Community Renewal (http://serve.gov/stories_community.asp), and from July 27-31 the focus will be on Education.

Be sure to check out these stories of how volunteers and service-learners around the country are making a difference in their communities around the topic of education. http://www.serve.gov/stories_education.asp


Learn and Serve America's National Service-Learning Clearinghouse wants to support your participation in the United We Serve initiative, so we've compiled a list of resources to help you leverage the power of service-learning to meet these important community needs:



So, are you involved in literacy programs? Dropout prevention? College access? Has service-learning benefited education in your community? Make the case for how service-learning be a powerful tool! Share your story at Serve.gov http://www.serve.gov/ and servicelearning.org/share .



Heather Martin, MISt


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