Friday, July 17, 2009

Looking for Youth Impacted by Service or Service-Learning

Dear Service-Learning Colleagues:

Here's an opportunity to spotlight a young person whose life has been impacted by service-learning.

Shirley Sagawa is working on a new book about the impact of service.
She's looking for an example or two of a young person who was lost but
began serving through an organized program (in or out of school), found
purpose, and turned his/her life around academically or otherwise.

The young person can be any background. Current age is not important,
but would be good if youth was around middle school age when they were
introduced to service. We can change the names if privacy is desired.

She's not necessarily looking for your typical award winners who are
often huge go-getters. She's trying to illustrate the power of service to change the lives of young people who aren't superstars.

She needs names as soon as possible. You can email me directly at


Nelda Brown
Executive Director
National Service-Learning Partnership

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