Tuesday, September 8, 2009

National Campaign Seeks Stories of Authentic Learning

Rethink Learning Now invites you to share your stories of powerful learning experiences:

Share Your Voice

Help us paint a shared national picture that describes what powerful learning environments, highly effective teachers, and a fair and equitable public school system actually look like.

To do so, take a few minutes to reflect on and then write responses to any -- or all -- of the following prompts. If you chose to write more than once, please submit the story for each category separately.

Learning, Teaching, Fairness

  • Share a powerful personal experience in a learning community. It could be a club, a church group, a school experience, a course, or something else. The only criteria are that it was a positive experience and real learning occurred.
  • Who was your most effective teacher, and what was it about that person that made him or her so effective in helping you learn?
  • To ensure that every child receives a high-quality public education, does the federal government need to make the equal opportunity to learn a constitutional right? Or is there a better, less drastic alternative toward ensuring fairness that policymakers should consider?

Click here to learn more or participate:  http://rethinklearningnow.com/stories/submit/

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