Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Emergency Response

Many in the service-learning community are anxious to find ways to help with disaster relief in Haiti.
A good source of ideas, including links to books and article to help learn about Haiti is posted on Chris Sacca's Blog "What is left?"  Although not necessarily a site dedicated to service-learning, Chris lays out 5 respected organizations with reputations in disaster relief and/or work in Haiti.  Importantly, the posting encourages us to learn more about the history, politics and culture of Haiti. 
The blog also includes a very active comment section where readers are posting dozens of other avenues to help.  This may mark an important opportunity for students to engage in quick research and reflection:  How can we best serve Haiti? What organizations and projects can we trust to do a good job?  How do we pick an organization to support?  How can we prepare in advance to make these decisions and have resources ready in the future?  What can we do on an ongoing basis to help ourselves, our neighbors, our communites, and our world develop resiliency?

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