Tuesday, January 26, 2010

S-L "Rookie Track" at the National S-L Conf

New to the field of service-learning?


Check out the "Rookie Track"



The National Service Learning Conference, the largest gathering of youth and adults involved in service-learning, is the premiere opportunity for service learning professional development. Workshops are provided to meet a variety of experience and interest levels. The National Youth Leadership Council in partnership with the Institute for Global Education & Service Learning is proud to present the 2010 Rookie Track, a series of engaging workshops designed for those new to the field.


 Attend all six sessions or just the ones that interest you!


IPARD – An Introduction to the Service Learning Process

The power of service learning comes from a young person's active involvement in thoughtfully organized service experiences that allow him/her to learn and develop while meeting real community needs. This engaging session will allow participants to walk through the nationally recognized, researched based, best practice steps of the service learning process.



Promoting Youth Voice to Ensure Meaningful Service

What is youth voice/ownership and how does it influence meaningful service? What does youth voice look like throughout the entire service learning process? Join us to learn why and how active youth engagement can increase the academic, civic, and social impact of service learning programs.


Reflection for the Rookie

What is Reflection? Why should we do it? When? Where? How? Join us in this lively workshop as we explore the philosophy and purpose of reflection while experiencing creative activities which can be applied to a variety of curriculum areas and a multitude of projects.



Standards + Service = Curriculum Integration

From broad learning goals to specific objectives and standards, participants will learn how to connect learning to meaningful service in this fun and interactive workshop.  Opportunities to practice starting with "service" or "learning" will be provided to enable youth and adults to apply this standard today!


Reciprocal Partnerships: Why Should I Work With You?

Coordination, cooperation, or collaboration -- what kinds or partnerships do you want to create and why?  Benefits of effective partnerships, tips, techniques, and steps to building reciprocal relationships will be explored through engaging activities and discussions in this introductory level session.


Progress Monitoring

How we ensure students, teachers, parents, community partners, and funders understand the impact of learning and service in a service-learning program? This interactive workshop for those new to the field will clarify the difference between assessment and evaluation while providing simple examples and thought proving questions for applying this Standard to everyday practice.


For more information or to register for the 21st Annual National Service Learning Conference March 24-27, 2010 in San Jose, California visit  http://nslc.nylc.org/  today!


See you in San Jose,



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"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain!" - Vivien Greene


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