Friday, June 12, 2009

Take action today to support civic education

Last night, President Obama's Office of Science and Technology Policy posted an important message on its blog ( The office asks for citizen input into "what government can and should be doing to support civil society – non-profits, faith-based organizations, professional associations, and neighborhood schools – in helping to educate and prepare the public to engage with critical public issues and play a more effective role in new, open public policymaking processes."

The message continues:
As we seek to identify immediate policy changes that will promote greater civic participation, we need to know from you:

   1. What is the appropriate and most effective role for the government to play in fostering greater civic participation? Should the government develop content, fund the work of organizations that teach civic education, establish platforms to connect communities to each other and to government?
   2. Do you know of best practices, whether from local, state or foreign governments, or foundations that foster and support civic participation?  What are the most effective tools to get people to participate?
   3. What skills and subject areas are the most important for civic literacy today? How do we promote the kind of civic education necessary to enable people to make greater use of government data, like the information available on, or participate in online commenting processes, like this one or

I urge you to visit today and leave a comment. Your comment might be the remark that makes the difference.

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