Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thoughs on United We Serve from Nelda Brown

We've received initial feedback from colleagues concerned that
service-learning and the role of youth as active contributors (and not
just passive recipients of service) has not received enough attention. I
share these concerns. We are actively working with White House and CNCS
staff to explore the ways we can remedy this. We know service-learning
can take place over the summer in community-based programs as well as
summer school learning opportunities. We're doing our best to make the
case...we'll keep you in the loop about any progress made.

In the meantime, please send me a quick message if your
organization/affiliates are contributing to this initiative. It's very
helpful to know how our field is leveraging this opportunity to expand
opportunities for youth to engage in service-learning.



Nelda Brown
Executive Director
National Service-Learning Partnership
at the Academy for Educational Development
1825 Connecticut Avenue, NW - Suite 800
Washington, DC 20009-5721
Phone: (202) 884-8595
Mobile: (703) 593-2145
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