Monday, November 2, 2009

Global Glimpse~ International Service-Learning for Bay Area High School Students

 “Now I feel that getting an excellent education is not just a privilege it is my responsibility” --Cherrie Young GG Alumni ‘09


Would you like to be a part of a global learning experience your students will never forget?  Would you like to give your students phenomenal access into the inner workings of a developing nation?  Would you be willing to travel with the purpose of service and global education rather than just tourism (for free!)?  Then please join the Global Glimpse program!


Imagine starting each new day with a new theme and a new opportunity to work with community members, NGOs, and even the U.S. Embassy, to broaden students’ perspectives.  Global Glimpse believes that the success of the next generation will require more than solid academic preparation.  The next generation needs a clear understanding of US interactions with developing nations. Students on this trip will not only learn how personal and foreign policy decisions reverberate globally, they will have the opportunity to volunteer to become part of a solution of their choice. 


Global Glimpse is an after-school and summer global education program for Bay Area high school juniors. Global Glimpse is a non-profit organization that offers a 3 week summer program designed to bring life changing, first hand experiences to students by traveling to and volunteering side by side global community members in a developing nation.  The preparation for this program starts during the school year with after-school workshops. Currently we are working in Nicaragua, Central America.  Nicaragua is a country rich with history, natural wonders, and global issues for our students to grapple with, such as poverty, micro finance, children’s literacy, and international aid.  Our unique program ties in subject area curriculum while empowering youth to think beyond themselves as responsible global citizens.


Join 25 Bay Area High Schools in our adventure this school year and summer (educators travel free). See pictures and read student stories at  & visit us at  

If you feel inspired to prepare youth to be successful in this globalized world; there is a new chaperone workshop on November 8th or please feel free to contact .

Thank You For Your Interest!

Maia Steward

Irvington High School

(510) 687-6405


“Now that I have seen how people struggle, I really don’t want to take my life for granted” 

--Kristi Guan GG Alumni ‘09




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