Monday, November 2, 2009

New Study Examines Teen Voice

The Best Buy Children’s Foundation has commissioned Teen Voice 2009, a national study of teen voice conducted by the Search Institute.


The report examines teens’ “sparks”- their talents, interests and strengths that make them happy.  It also describes a “Teen Voice Index” and “Relationships and Opportunities Index” that helps to understand how and why some students stay engaged and others check out.  The report ends with 15 suggestions to support teens’ interests and voice development.


An excerpt:


If you believe the headlines, most teenagers are failing school, having sex, drinking alcohol, and committing violence. They’re zoned out on computers, iPods, and cell phones, and they won’t have anything to do with adults—particularly their parents.

It’s true that some teens do face these challenges and make poor choices. But there’s a different story, just as true, that doesn’t often get attention: Most of today’s teens are actually savvy, active, engaged, and interested in making a positive difference in their world. But too often, they are, as this report shows, an under-tapped and under-recognized source of creativity and energy for our communities, nation, and world.


Read the report here:



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