Friday, November 6, 2009

Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Planning Memo

It's getting to be that time of the year again!

We are 75 days away from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service 2010. Have you begun planning your projects? Do you know what community issues you would like to address? Now is the time to dream BIG and to plan so that the dream can become a reality!

Are you looking for great project ideas with lasting impact, best practices for building partnerships, advice on getting started, or someone to help troubleshoot some tough planning issues? Below you will find information on where to get answers to these and other questions.

First things first, where to get resources!

At, you can connect with all of the resources available for MLK Day 2010. Learn how to write a press release, organize events, coordinate volunteers, and much more. At you can link to a brand new MLK Day Tool Kit for planning small or large scale community projects and the Self Mobilizing Toolkit for planning individual, family or neighborhood projects.

Do you have the tools, but need still some practical advice, help, and ideas from your peers?

Join the MLK Day Service Connection, an online social networking site, where you can connect with others working on similar projects and with potential partners in your city or state. Post your questions, and let your peers and experts answer them for you.

Stay connected; join the MLK Day Facebook fan page at Share your success stories, and inspire others. Tell us why MLK Day is important to you; why Dr. King’s teachings are still relevant today; or why the social justice movement that he championed should continue. Post pictures of service on and tweet your goals, inspiration, ideas, and more at www,

There are many ways to stay connected with those who share your goals for MLK Day and for service as a strategy to address community needs. Join them all, and influence your networks to do the same. As networks link together, we can create a nation-wide change movement!

Webshops! Webshops! Webshops!

This year, we will again be offering interactive web-based workshops that will help you organize, plan, and create great MLK Day projects.

Below you will find the schedule of MLK Day Planning Webshops.



Mon, 11/02/09

Orientation to MLK Day Tools and Resources

Mon, 11/16/09

Best Practices for Planning/Implementing MLK Day

Mon, 12/07/09

Raising Resources for King Day Events/Projects

Wed, 01/06/09

Getting Media for Your MLK Day Event

Click on the webshops of your interest to register.



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