Thursday, October 22, 2009

Marine Debris Resources for Service-Learning

Jennifer Stock, the Education and Outreach director for the Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary provides a wealth of resources for teaching students about the sources and impacts of marine debris on ocean wildlife.  Ms. Stock’s materials and links include lesson plans, ready to use powerpoint presentations (caution- LARGE FILES) with speaker’s notes, video clips and tools for implementing service-learning projects to help address the problem.  Students can participate in campus and community clean-up projects, then use the provided excel charting tool to compare campus litter with shoreline clean-up data.  Students can also participate in the Pellet Watch project to collect plastic pellets for contribution to an international study of persistent organic pollutants in the ocean.  Additional materials provided by Save the Bay show how students and community members can get involved in addressing the San Francisco Bay Area’s Trash Hot Spots where runoff water carries litter into the bay.


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