Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Service-Learning and Civic Engagement: Thriving in Uncertain Times

During spring 2009, California Campus Compact sponsored 5 regional dialogues across the state where participants identified trends in the field as well as many of the challenges they face in doing this work. Participants also devoted time during each dialogue to discussing strategies to address these challenges. The dialogues provided participants with an opportunity to share lessons and insights regarding where the service-learning and civic engagement movement has been, where it is heading and how those involved can continue to advance and strengthen the work in the face of the current economic climate and other challenges.

To view the two-part summary report of the dialogues, please view the PDF link:

After viewing the link, reflect on the questions in the report and consider posting your thoughts on trends in service-learning and civic engagement as comments to the CalServe Network Blog

1.      Emerging: Which trends and practices are picking up momentum and acceptance?

2.      Established: Which trends and practices are mainstream or standard operating procedures?

3.      Cutting Edge: Which new ideas are creeping out and pushing to become accepted trends and practices?

4.      Fading: Which trends and practices are no longer relevant and considered outdated?





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